Sewforever Quilt Storage Bags, Sizes Available

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The open end of the bag folds over and a band of elastic keeps it closed. Your quilt will be protected from dust, moisture, and sunlight. Store them under a bed, or wherever you decide. You can add a label, printing all the information about that quilt and save time searching for a particular quilt. The first number is the length.

I started my business designing a better way to store quilts. Many quilts are stored by folding, but all the love and work that goes into a quilt shouldn't be marred by fold lines. Sewforever Quilt Storage is the no-fold, archival quilt storage solution.

Protecting Valuable Pieces of Art with Tyvek®
Museums, galleries, and art packagers are entrusting Tyvek® to protect their valuable pieces of art during transportation and storage.  They have peace of mind knowing that its’ excellent resistance to punctures and tears helps Tyvek® protect the packaged artwork from external damage while its breathability helps ensure that condensation can escape.

Tyvek® combines all the best physical properties and characteristics of paper, film, and fabric - in one exceptional material. While most products offer water resistance or breathability, Tyvek® offers both. It is lightweight, flexible, smooth, particularly free, opaque and resistant to water, rot & mildew, chemicals, abrasion, and aging. Tyvek® is acid-free with a neutral pH=7.

These are the reasons I chose Tyvek® to create Sewforever Quilt Storage products.

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