English Paper PIecing Made Modern La Passacaglia

English Paper Piecing Made Modern Templates for La Passacaglia

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La Passacaglia package contains 5 shapes that create the rosettes.

This package contains 6 sheets of shapes enabling you to create lots of rosettes. Templates are reusable until they no longer stick, 5-8 times.

English Paper Piecing Made Modern makes English Paper Piecing easy for everyone.

Self stick templates eliminate per-turning, basting or glue, whip stitching and pulling paper out. Use the templates to cut shapes, including fussy cutting and straight stitch shapes together by hand or machine.

Shapes included in this package:

Pentagon 1-1/4" (38)

Pentagon 3/4" (104) 

Diamond 36 degree (43)

Diamond 72 degree (62)

Isosceles Triangle 1-1/4" (20).

Multiply those numbers times reuses. Example 38 x 5 = 190. The number varies based on how often the shapes are used.

This product is a tool to make EPP easy, they are not the pattern. Purchase the book Millefiori Quilts by Willyne Hammerstein for the pattern.