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  • Remove the paper backing from English Paper Piecing Made Modern templates
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English Paper Piecing Made Modern | Blank Sheets, Create Your Own Templates

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This package contains 6 blank sheets for you to create your own templates. 

Trace, print, or draw templates to match your project.

Tip: Remove all your paper from the paper tray and put a single sheet of EPPMM to print. You may not need to do this but it helps my printer pick up the sheet.

Reusable until they no longer stick, 5-8 times. That is a lot of templates.

Self-stick templates eliminate pre-turning, basting/gluing, whipstitching, and pulling papers out. Use the templates to cut fabric shapes, including focus/fussy cutting.

Then simply straight fabric stitch shapes together by hand or machine.

To remove the paper backing from the templates, insert a pin between the paper backing and the template. Refer to the small pictures on the left.