Ikea fabric organization

Results of my weekend/ 2 week fabric organization.

Update on fabric reorganization.

It was not about eliminating fabric.

It is about being able to view fabrics easily and stay organized.

This is what I started with.

It was organized by color. I could only see what was on top. After watching a video featured in my last blog post I decided it could be so much better.

This was my fabric orgaizational method. I could really only view what was on top.
This is the reorganization.
A much better view of what I have to work with.
It is also easier to return fabric to where is belongs.
Now I do not have to sort through piles of fabric, just open a drawer and see it all.
Large container for half yard or larger cuts of fabric.
Ikea hack containers to organize your fabric.
Smaller containers for fat quarters and some half yards.
You can fold half yards to fit in the smaller containers but they become pretty thick.
Ikea fabric orgainzation

Some tips for folding.

The white paper is normal 8-1/2" x 11" sheet. I am just using the 8-1/2" to gauge how wide I want to make the fold so it fits in the container.

Fabric is normally folded salvage to salvage. The left side is the fold of a 42" wide fabric. I have folded the salvage edge to approximately 8-1/2".

Folding fabric to fit in large Ikea container
Folding the folded edge over to achieve the 8-1/2" width.
Folding fabric to fit in large Ikea container
If I simply fold fabric in half, it will be to wide to fit in the container.
Folding fabric to fit in large Ikea container
Different fabric, still demonstrating the folding process.
Lets look at couple more pictures.
Folding fabric to fit in large Ikea container
So this is folded lengthwise in thirds. It gets one more fold to fit in the container.
It should not stick up to high in the container. These containers go back in the wire drawers. They need to be low enough to slide back in. Even if you are not storing them in drawers, if they stick up to high, over time they will flop over.
Folding fabric to fit in large Ikea container
Depending on the length of your fabric you may need to fold differently, maybe in half and half again.
Once you go over 2 yards it will be a bit much to fold to fit.
That yardage will be folded in a drawer, like I previously stored all my fabric.
Folding fabric to fit in large Ikea container
Lol, My granddaughter visits on Tuesdays. She said, Gram your room is a mess. Yes Reese, it looks like your playroom.
The pile is what I gave away.
Fabric is one of my JOYS (Marie Kondo) so there is not much I didn't want.
If reorganization scares you, you do not need to get rid of anything.
You will spend a lot of time refolding.
Consider it a trip though your own fabric store.
Not about eliminating fabric
The closet before. I got a carried away and reorganized the closet and my studio. Donated 100 books to the local library and Goodwill received lots of other things. The crazy zebra fabric is a blackout curtain I made for my daughter's college dorm and recycled it to block out light in the closet. Drum roll please.....
Organization of fabric, what it looked like before
Right side of closet. The total transformation took about 2 weeks.
Creativity has room to breathe now.
Fabic reorganization Ikea containers
Back Wall. The American Quilter's Society gave authors posters. This is my first book, Innovative Appliqué, Plant Your Own Garden.The book is available for $12.95 under Shop, Innovative Appliqué.
I remove the zebra blackout curtain, it was trapping moisture, causing the window paint to peel. I put a gray shade behind to blinds to cut down on light. It is a temporary blind you trim to fit the window and sticks to the frame.
Available at Home Depot, not Loews.
Fabic reorganization Ikea containers
Left side of closet. The shirt says One In A Minion, a gift from someone that knows about my love of Minions. A bit small and low cut to actually wear.
Fabic and supplies reorganization
In one of the previous pictures this table was cover with stuff. Not now.
There is an inexpensive book shelve under the table.
Sterlite containers are labeled by color and contain fabric to small to fold.
Cleaned up and organized
Comments are welcome.
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Thank you for taking the time to read this. Hope you are inspired.
Next post will be about Innovative Appliqué. Sign up for my blog.
Twice a month I will post ideas to help you make the most of your creative time.
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