Time Saving Tips and Techniques to Help You Make the Most of Your Creative Time!

Hello, I’m Becky, founder of Sewforever Quilting.

My quilting and sewing products make complicated, time-consuming techniques doable for the modern sewist, helping you make the most of your creative time.

I created my flagship products, Innovative Appliqué and English Paper Piecing Made Easy, after thinking, “There just has to be an easier way to do this.”

It all started when I took my first quilting class in the early ’90s. I was a mother with three young children, and I was looking for a creative project I could pick up in between the busy moments of my life.

From the first introduction, quilting connected with me profoundly. I loved the process of creating something practical, cozy, and beautiful—and the sense of accomplishment that it brings. I kept going back, learning more and more about quilting.

One day, I came across a beautiful appliqué quilt pattern that inspired me. I knew at that moment I had to master appliqué, no matter how intimidating it seemed. 

But the learning curve was frustrating. I struggled to get my appliqué precise. And I started to worry that I’d never produce an appliqué project worthy of displaying.

Until it occurred to me that the traditional method might not be the only way.

I broke from tradition and started experimenting with methods to achieve the same results but with less difficulty. After months of experimentation, I developed what’s now called Innovative Appliqué.

Innovative Appliqué encourages people like me to confidently participate in the joys of appliqué and produce projects they’re proud of.

Since then, I’ve constantly asked the question, “What technique can I make more doable for the sewist?”

This question is what later led to English Paper Piecing Made Easy.

English Paper Piecing Made Easy are self-stick templates.

No basting/gluing, whip-stitching or pulling paper. Just move the sticker from shape to shape and straight stitch by hand or machine. Reusable 5-10 or more.

I have a feeling there are more sewing and quilting innovations in my future.

Designing to make your creative time more productive,