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Innovative Appliqué

Increase Productivity and Accuracy

Eliminate prep work, lower the learning curve and produce beautiful results from the start. Both beginners and experienced quilters find Innovative Appliqué increases accuracy and productivity. Shop patterns and learn the techniques to master appliqué like you never thought possible.

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English Paper Piecing Made Modern

These reusable self-stick templates enable you to precisely cut and efficiently straight stitch shapes with no pre-turning, basting/gluing. Straight-stitch by hand or machine instead of tradition whip-stitching, saving time and improving results. Move the templates from task to task with no residue and nothing to pull out later.

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Sewforever Quilt Storage

Protect quilts from fold-marks, dust, and light.

Your quilts are a labors of love and shouldn't be marred by fold lines.

Sewforever Quilt Storage is the no-fold quilt storage solution that protects your quilts from fold-marks, dust, and light; extending the beauty of your artwork for generations to come.

I have been making quilt storage bags from Tyvek for 15 years. The price of Tyvek has doubled in the past two years making it no longer an economical option.

The Sewforever Quilt Storage solution is still the best way to store quilts.

I wrote a pattern so you can replicate the Sewforever Quilt Storage solution, using your choice of materials.

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Learn Innvoative Appliqué at home with this iQuilt class.

English Paper Piecing Made Modern

Tips on how to use these self-stick templates for easy fussy cutting.