Tool Recommendations

Tool Recommendations

Let's talk tools

Do you love tools?

I do!

This post is about tools that help you make the most of your creative time.

Bernina sewing machine

A useful tool. The even feed makes me a better sewist. Automatic thread cutter, tacking at the beginning and end of sewing, saves tiny amounts of time that add up. It is a work horse. It can run fast when I am sewing Sewforever Quilt Storage bags, slow when English Paper Piecing.

Ikea orgainzation plus Tracer Light Pad

Organization please! IKEA wall organizer. You can customize it with various accessories.

The pink rectangle is an inexpensive light box, very light weight, yet bright. Thanks to the ladies in a quilting class that told me about this.

Tracer light box

$23.99 seems like a good price.

Tracer light box

Here it is in action. Especially helpful when you are trying to fussy cut a motif that is floating on the fabric.

Moda tins for travel

Click Here to see the whole set for $14.98. Use the various tins for travel EPP and the little round tin for earbuds.

Notice the Superior bobbin, a neutral bobbin thread is a great thread to travel with. There are also a couple of needles, a few straight pins, a tiny pair of scissors, fabric shapes and English Paper Piecing Made Modern templates. Ready for stitching anywhere.

 Mono Poly Superior Thread

The last time I used Mono Poly you could catch fish with it, not any more. This thread is amazing.

The New Hexagon Quilt

I quilted The New Hexagon quilt with this thread. It created wonderful texture, no worries about the color of thread and mistakes simply did not show.

Clover seam ripper

This is the Clover seam ripper, the one with the white handle, is the best turning tool for appliqué.

Turned edge appliqué made easy.

Heavy weight template plastic

Cut shapes you are working with, out of heavy weight template plastic. Use a hole punch and a clothing tag, like from Kohls to create a carry in your purse shopping guide. You can determine what motifs will fit in each shape.

La Passacagalia Template Collection is also a favorite tool.

Amanda Murphy Good Measure Ruler

This Amanda Murphy, Good Measure long arm quilting and domestic sewing machine ruler is amazing. The registration marks on the ruler make it so easy to reposition the ruler.

Reagan's Quilt

The entire clam shell border was quilted in 20 minutes, because the registration marks on this ruler are so easy to line up. It is like speed dial for quilting. Lol remember speed dial?

These are some favorite tools. I will share more tools in future posts.

The links I shared are not affiliate links. I have not figured out how to set those up. Just in case you think I am just trying to selling you something. These are tools that make creating much more efficient.

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