Organize your fabric with Ikea containers

What to do with your weekend? Sewforever Quilting was inspired by Marie Kondo

I am so excited to share this organization with you.

Ikea containers to organize your fabric.
Marie Kondo is all over the place.

I get a regular email from Quilt Addicts Anonymous the link below is what I received. Free feel to sign up for her email/newsletter.

Stephanie demonstrates how to fold your fabric and recommends Target baskets.  

Target baskets to organize your fabric
This is the large basket to use for large cuts of fabric. Target cost $5.99 on sale for $5.39, no idea for how long. The smaller basket cost $3.99 on sale for $3.59.

I was impressed with Stephanie's demonstration but thought my fabric is organized in pull out wire drawers, so I don't need this.

Wire basket organization. I can only really see what is on top.
I was pulling fabric for the La Passacaglia quilt I've been working on. I realized I can only see the fabric on top of each drawer. My system was showing cracks after seeing Stephanie's demonstration.

Fabric organization, really only see what is on top.
I wanted containers that fit in the wire drawers. I figured I needed about 26ish containers. Doing the math on the Target baskets 26 x $3.99 = $103.74 for the small size. I consider Sterilite boxes, shoe box size. They were not a great of a fit and I didn't really need the lids. I shopped the Dollar Store, pricing was better, because they cost a $ but selection and quality were limited. No white was a deal breaker for me. I shopped Walmart and Amazon but did not provide anything that fit the bill. Ikea was next. I was happy to find just what I was looking for at a better price than Target. I took my folded fabric on shopping trips to test the fit.

Ikea containers to organize your fabric.
Small containers cost $2.79 on sale for $2.29, larger containers $4.50 on sale for $3.69 with Friends and Family, their free card you sign up for, it is not a credit card. Fortunately we have an Ikea in Columbus.

Small Ikea containers on saleLarge Ikea containers on sale.

I bought 20 small and 4 large. 20 x $2.29 = $45.80     4 x $3.69 = $14.76

Total $60.56
I saved a $1.20 each on the small and a $1.70 each on the large size. I like the Ikea containers design and they are a better fit for my folded fabric.

Ikea containers allow me to view my collection much better.

Here is after and before. I should have switched the wire baskets so I could say before and after. I can now see lots more fabric choices. Yes, I have a lot of greens. I am an appliquer so I have never seen a green that I didn't like.

Until I started English Paper Piecing and designed the self-stick templates, English Paper Piecing Made Modern, I though I had all the fabric I ever needed. Little did I know how much more I would need.

Please feel free to share this post on Pinterest, Facebook or a platform you frequent. Thank you for taking the time to read these.

I will be folding fabric this weekend. What about you?

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