Sewforever Zoo Series Quilt Labeling

Put A Label On That-Your Quilt

Early in my quilting journey I visited an old southern mansion.

Admiring the handwork of women from that era, I wanted information, when, why and who created those treasures.

It felt like their spirits whispered, put your signature on your work.

A label is the when, where, what and why about your creation.

Sewforever Zoo series Quilt Label

This is the Zoo Series Quilt,

This quilt was on display at the International Quilt Market and Festival - Houston 2017 and the International Quilt Festival - Chicago 2018.

The large white label is the original label that contains all the information required to be on display at shows, plus information I wanted people to know about the quilt.

After Houston and Chicago it was on display at Quilt Beginnings, Dublin, Ohio.

The Zoo Series is now back from it's travels.

Quilt's Inc. was so kind to send these other labels.

Sewforever Zoo Series Label

I went to add the Quilt's Inc. labels and realized the original label was not laying tight and flat against the back of the quilt.

Misty Fuse

Sometimes I use Misty Fuse to attach a label to the back of the quilt before I hand stitch the edges of the label down. I did not do that on the Zoo Series.

Note to self: Use Misty Fuse in the future on all labels.

Misty Fuse is so thin, you can not tell it is there, yet it holds fabric in place.

Plant Your Own Garden Label

This label lays much flatter because I used Misty Fuse.

Quilt label

I did not want to remove this label for various reasons.

To better attach the label to the back of the quilt, I decided to hand stitch across the label. Not a perfect solution. The tape is to help me stitch a straight line.

I am going to try a new approach on the next quilt.

The plan is to attach the label to the right side of the backing before quilting.

Con: It is a little scary, positioning the label before the quilting is done.

Pro: The label will lay flat. It will be permanently attached. The quilt would have to be taken apart to remove the label.

What to use for the label?

Inkjet Fabric Sheets

Jacquard Inkjet Fabric Sheets is my favorite product. You can check with your local quilt shop or Google it and decide the best place to purchase.

EQ Printables

This is another option. This is the brand most quilt shops carry.

Comparsion of Inkjet fabrics

Here is a comparison of the two products.

Jacquard is opaque and white.

EQ Printable is more transparent and bit beige.

Inkjet fabric

A view that shows the color difference.

Inkjet fabric

One more view on fabric for contrast.

Computer keys

I create labels in Pages (Apple) or Microsoft Word.

I don't love my handwriting and I can use spell check. 

Hint: Print the label on paper to proof read, mistakes tend to jump out in print.

Inkjet printer

Make corrections if necessary. Place an inkjet sheet in the printer's paper tray and presto, print out the label.

A label will not take up the whole inkjet sheet.

Cut the unused area of the sheet horizontally so it can be feed back into the printer, like a sheet of paper only shorter. Use the shorter sheet for another label.

These products are not inexpensive, so make the most of each sheet.

The sheets are treated to hold the ink.

There is the option to buy PDF (prepare for dye fabric) and treat it with a special solution to hold the ink. I tried that because I was surprised by the cost of the inkjet sheets.

By time I bought all the supplies plus the labor to treat the PDF, it was less expensive and time consuming to use the sheets. Also my efforts did not hold the ink very well. Another benefit is the sheets are printer friendly vs. feeding fabric ironed to freezer paper through the printer.

Sheets win!

Pigma Micron Archival Pen

You can hand write labels. The Pigma Micron Archival Pen does not bleed and is permanent. 01 has a thinner tip then 05. I have tested various fabric pens and this is the best pen for the job.

Once you have created your label, remover the paper backing and heat set according to the directions on the inkjet sheets package.

Carly's Christmas Bed Cover

What to say on your label?

Whatever you want.

Simply Google (what to include on a quilt label).

Here is a link full of information.

Grandma Heilman's Quilt

This may be my first label.

The triangle label was inspired by the triangles on the front of the quilt. Sometimes inspiration is a two edge sword. But made with love, is always good.

I hope I have inspired you to include labels on your creations.

Let's stay in touch. I will keep you up to date twice a month.

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