Sewforever Quilting by Becky Campbell, Why I do what I do.

Sewforever Quilting by Becky Campbell, Why I do what I do.

Why I do what I do?

The question: Is there an easier, more efficient way to do X,Y & Z.

That is a thought that circulates in my head most all the time. That thought and I have lots of conversations.

She is a very good friend and together we have created Sewforever.

Sewforever was started to provide an alternative to storing our quilts folded.

I researched materials that were breathable and archival.Tyvek met those requirements. (Visit the quilt storage page for more Tyvek information).

I designed sleeves (bags) in various sizes to accommodate King, Queen, Full, Twin and a smaller size for wall hangings.


The sleeves fold at one end with a piece of elastic to secure closure.

This gives you flexibility to fold where you want.

When you roll your quilt you don't want the center of the roll to be tight causing wrinkles.

The solution is a pool noodle, you provide your own pool noodle (they are not shipping friendly).

I don’t know what pool noodles are made of. I have read they are archival but have my doubts.

Solution: I created pole covers. Slide your pool noodle into the cover and protect your quilt from the inside out.

Your quilts are a labor of love and shouldn't be marred by fold lines.

Sewforever Quilt Storage is the no-fold quilt storage solution that protects your quilts from fold-lines, dust, moisture and light; extending the beauty of your artwork for generations to come.

Explore the different sizes of quilt storage bags and learn a better way to store your quilts.

Next post will be why I designed Innovative Appliqué.

Yes it has to do with easier, efficient, and precise results right away.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Becky Campbell

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