La Passacagila pattern by Willyne Hammerstein pieced by machine using the English Paper Piecing Made Modern product.

What is English Paper Piecing Made Modern?

In previous posts I shared what inspired me to create Sewforever Quilt Storage and Innovative Appliqué.

(You are welcome to visit those previous post)

This post is about why I created English Paper Piecing Made Modern.

The short answer is, to make the most of our creative time.

English Paper Piecing become popular. 

I was seeing the most amazing examples in blog posts, FB, Pinterest, Instagram, everywhere.

I decided it was to time consuming to undertake.                                    

Basting/gluing, whip-stitching and pulling papers were not in our future. 

But the projects were so tempting.

Traditional English Paper Pieicng                   

I am capable of doing traditional EPP. The turquoise hexagons at the top are basted. I ironed the edges of the other hexagons down to freezer paper.                 

The papers still will have to be pulled out at the end and I tend to burn myself ironing little things.

Traditional English Paper Piecing                                            

I am capable of whip-stitching but didn't want to.

Everything I design starts with the question.

How can I accomplish this in a more efficient manner?

This is what lead to English Paper Piecing Made Modern.

English Paper Piecing Made Modern are reusable self-stick templates that enable you to precisely cut, including focus/fussy cutting and efficiently straight stitch shapes with no pre-turning, basting/gluing, whip-stitching or pulling paper at the end of your project.

English Paper Piecing Made Modern                                   

Straight stitch by hand or machine, saving time and improving results.

Straight stitch by hand EPP Made Modern     

Straight stitch by hand.

Straight stitch by machine EPP Made Modern

Straight stitch by machine.

Move the templates from task to task with no residue and nothing to pull out later.

There are 4 packages of different size hexagons. 3/4", 1", 1-1/2" and 2".                

Numbers vary based on what I can fit on a page.

This package is 1" Hexagons, 6 sheets per package.

1" Hexagons English Paper Piecing Self-Stick Templates                                           20 hexagons/sheet x 6 sheets = 120 hexagons, reusable 5-10 times = 720-1200. 

All the packages are priced at $14.95.

Hexagons are user friendly, you can arrange them anyway you chose.                     

A pattern is not required for assembly.

Pinterest can fuel your imagination.

This package is La Passacaglia. 

La Passacaglia English Paper Piecing Templates                                             

It contains 6 sheets of self-stick templates, reusable until they no longer stick.  

How may times can you reuse them? 5-10 times.                                                     

I am pretty sure I pieced my whole La Passacaglia quilt with 1 package.

The cost of a package is $14.95.

What is in the package?

38 - 1-1/4" Pentagons   Example 38 x 5-10 times = 109-380 usable templates.   

104 - 3/4" Pentagons     I won't bore you with the rest of the math.

43 - 1-1/4" Diamonds 36 degrees                                                                           

62 - 1-1/4" Diamonds 72 degrees                                                                             

20 - 1-1/4" Isosceles Triangles

These are the 5 shapes that make up the La Passacaglia pattern.                             

Please note the templates are a tool, not the pattern.                                             

The La Passacaglia pattern is published in the book, Millefiori Quilts by Willyne Hammerstein.

This package is Daisy Chain.

You do not need to purchase a pattern for this design.

Daisy Chain English Paper Piecing Self-Stick Templates                                            

It is a historic design that uses 1" hexagons, 1" jewels and 2" diamonds.                  

I will spare you the reusable numbers. Visit my product page for the details.


I use scraps to make these Daisy Chains.

I fell into alternating jewels, totally not necessary.                                     

You can make any combinations you choose.

The 2" diamonds are added once all the stars are completed.

I put my un-stitched combinations in a travel tin, a bobbin of neutral thread, tiny scissors, a needle and the little leather dots to protect my finger.                               

I have stitch 102 stars.

 Travel English Paper Piecing Tin                                          

Travel Tin I use for hexagons, this one is from Moda.  

I use the longer tin for the Daisy Chain. 

Cutting English Paper Piecing Made Modern templates              

You cut the templates apart.                                                                                 

They are designed to rotary cut the horizontal lines and trim the rest with paper scissors.

It goes surprisingly fast.

I would love to deliver the templates pre-cut but have not found a cost effective option yet.

This is my Sewforever You Tube channel.

Please subscribe so you are notified when I post new videos.

Liking the videos is appreciated.

This video is about focus/fussy cutting.

The clear plastic templates I cut from template plastic.

I use them to determine if a motif is going to fit in the shape.

I shop with a set of clear plastic templates.

That way I can determine if what is on the fabric will fit in a shape.

They are not used to cut anything out.

There are other videos to help you discover how English Paper Piecing Made Modern can increase your productivity.      

Productivity = more projects we can complete.

I added a package of 6 blank sheets.

I may not have packaged the exact shapes you want, so a package of blank sheets enables you to print whatever you want.

Thank you for reading this post.

I hope you will order English Paper Piecing Made Modern.

Please subscribe to my blog so you do not miss the next topic which will help you make the most of your creative time.





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