Fall Leaf Quilt Pattern Writing Process

Pattern Writing Process | Fall Leaf Quilt Pattern

You may think I have been on vacation, due to the lack of posting, not the case. I have been writing two new patterns. The quilts have been done for awhile.

I create, make scatter notes, then I have to recreate, to write the pattern. Not the best process. Future goal is to be more organized.

Fall leaf pattern process

The border directions were a challenge to write. I kept asking myself, what was I thinking, when I decided, Squares On Point. The directions include the option to sub out the Squares On Point for a regular border.

My patterns include a layout page, so you visually see, where everything goes, plus step by step written instructions.

Fall Leaf Quilt Pattern

As the title suggest this is the Fall Leaf Quilt pattern. Notice the name of the leaves are listed at the bottom of the page in the middle.

Silver Maple LeafPoplar Leaf

         Silver Maple                                   Poplar

These close ups, show the leaf veins are the background fabric showing through.

Fabric requirements for Fall Quilt

This is the back of the pattern. The fabric requirements are detailed, so you know how allowances have been calculated to make alternative fabric and border choices. This is my working copy, a bit wrinkled. Picking up the crisp, new patterns at the printers tomorrow.

Innovative Appliqué Instructions

The inside of the cover, contains Innovative Appliqué instructions in pictures.

Innovative Appliqué means you do not trace anything.

You copy the pattern to products that save time and increase accuracy. 

Innovative Appliqué Patterns

Pattern A, copy to June Tailor's Perfect Piecing to create an overlay.

No tracing to vinyl or guessing where the appliqué pieces go.

Innovative Appliqué Patterns

Pattern B, all the appliqué shapes are separated. (Yes, I did that for you)

Pattern B, copy to heavy weight freezer paper sheets.

Cut the shapes out. Instant templates.

Innovative Appliqué uses freezer paper templates on the right side of the fabric.

You will not have to cut freezer paper out of the back of your project.

Fall Leaf Quilt Outdoor Picture

An outdoor, experimental photo shoot.

Bright Leaf Pattern

I did mention I have been working on two patterns. This is a shot of the other leaf pattern. This is called Bright Leaf Pattern.

There are eight leaves in this pattern: Yellow Poplar, Aspen, White Oak, Northern Red Oak, English Oak, Elm and Sweetgum.

This is at the printers in the proofing stage. It will be released in the next week or two. I am thinking of providing a combination package to buy both Fall and Bright leaf patterns. Do you like that idea?

Close up of the Bright Leaf Quilt Pattern

Here is a close up of the Bright Leaf Pattern.

Innovative Appliqué instructions include a magical easy trapunto technique that adds dimension to your appliqué.

Any techniques I mention are included in the directions on the inside cover.

Buckeye Leaf PatternBur Oak Leaf Pattern

               Buckeye                                 Bur Oak

Buckeye Leaf Quilt Wall Hanging

The Buckeye Leaf, done as a wall hanging.

I graduate from The Ohio State University. I am not a football fan (gasp). I am a quilting fan, so I enjoyed making this.

I made this for a Kids N Kamp benefit auction. The auction was held at the OSU stadium. Brutus Buckeye and OSU cheerleaders were in attendance, so spirits were running high. A number of fans wanted it, which drove the price to $500. 

Canadian Leaf Quilt Pattern

A number of Canadian quilt shop owners attend Quilt Market in Pittsburgh. It is the closest Quilt Market to Canada. A number of Canadians requested I do a Canadian Maple Leaf. Individual leaf patterns are available as PDF's for $5.00.

This is the season for leaves. Enjoy.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please feel free to ask questions and communicate. I love to know who is out there. Tell me what you want.

If you see this on Pinterest or somewhere and what to stay in touch, subscribe to my Email List.





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