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  • Fall Leaf Appliqué Quilt Pattern
  • Fall Leaf Appliqué Quilt Pattern
  • Fall Leaf Appliqué Quilt Pattern
  • Fall Leaf Quilt Pattern
  • Bur Oak Leaf Quilt Pattern
  • Poplar Leaf Appliqué Quilt Pattern
  • Ginkgo Leaf Quilt Pattern
  • Buckeye Leaf Quilt Pattern
  • Pin Oak Leaf Quilt Pattern
  • Silver Maple Leaf Quilt Pattern
  • Eastern Cottonwood Leaf Quilt Pattern
  • Sassafras Leaf Quilt Pattern
  • Walnut Leaf Quilt Pattern
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Fall Leaf Quilt Pattern

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Fall Leaf Appliqué Quilt Pattern.

Finished Quilt Size 66.5" x 63.5"

Nine full-size leaf patterns to make a whole quilt or use individually.

Silver Maple, Pin Oak, Poplar, Sassafras, Eastern Cottonwood, Walnut, Ginkgo, Buckeye, Bur Oak

Innovative Appliqué, turned edge appliqué makes it easy—no tracing, needle turn, or removing freezer paper from the back of your work.

Easy trapunto technique that adds dimension to the appliqué,

Innovative Appliqué Directions

Directions for Innovative Appliqué, pictures, and words make it simple to follow. Both beginners and experienced quilters find Innovative Appliqué increases productivity and accuracy.