Presentation and Teaching Information
Innovative Appliqué Workshop

I designed Innovative Appliqué to make turned edge appliqué easy; lowering the learning curve, improving accuracy and productivity.
My teaching goal is to add appliqué to a beginner's tool box.
For experienced appliquérs the goal is a new and improved tool box.
English Paper Piecing Made Modern Workshop

I love the look of English Paper Piecing but did not like the traditional method. Folding fabric over paper, gluing or basting, whip-stitching and then pulling papers out. There had to be a better way! I designed self-stick templates that can be reused until they no longer stick (5-10 times). The templates enable you to cut multiply layers or fussy cut your fabric. Straight stitch by hand or machine, eliminating the previous mentioned time consuming tasks. I teach you how to use the templates, pick the fabric/color and stitch it all together by hand or machine.

Online Teaching Coming Soon

Contact me for details